I'm Better Off Without the Cloud (and Other Myths)

“Yeah, it’s handy, but the Cloud isn’t secure!”

“Won’t my data end up in another country where I’ll have limited control?”

“I’m not sure I trust the Cloud . . .”

The myths and assumptions around cloud security have been loud and persistent – but inside the industry, the story is looking very different indeed.

A quick look at the Computerworld 2016 Tech Forecast shows us:

  • 48% of respondents were set to increase spending on cloud computing, alongside a whopping 50% increase in security.

So which categories were on the downward trend?

  • On-premises software (-19%)

  • Legacy system modernisation (-17%)

  • Hardware (-16%)

  • Storage (-14%)

Leading IT professionals throughout the industry are leaving the good old on-premises server farm days behind them with speed.

So what about security? Are businesses simply throwing caution to the wind and embracing technology at the expense of their peace of mind?

This is where the problem lies – the Cloud should be leveraged as a tool, not an end-all solution.

A large number of individuals and businesses alike are making the mistake of washing their hands of security once they move their data off-premises, thinking that it has become someone else’s problem entirely. The reality is that Cloud services should be handled as an extension of your business and as such, held to the same standard of security.

Erkan Kahraman, Chief Information Security Officer of Projectplace, put it well - "Cloud services are not inherently more or less secure than any other device with an internet connection, which all of them are. Cloud companies spend a considerable amount of their budget focusing on security and building specific expertise where legacy systems are usually ignored." The big factor here is; who has the larger security budget and the economies of scale on their side?

On data location; businesses and casual consumers alike have fallen into the trap of thinking that they are tied into the 'big players'. There are more Cloud providers than ever with a huge amount of physical locations and services to choose from. More and more businesses are realising that one size does not fit all, and that their needs can be met by a more specialised provider.

At the end of the day, effective IT strategy is about efficiency – and as we should be aiming to remove any and all technological barriers to productivity, can a modern business afford not to leverage cloud infrastructure?



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Ryan Wessels